Tuesday, February 23, 2016

we are going to papas hows today

 1.You must travel over the Mississippi River to get to Papa's farm in Illinois. (see the Arch?)


Oops! The road to Papa's farm is flooded today. We must look at the map and go another way!


See the train tracks? They tell us that we are almost to the farm. Papa lives out in the county in a little town called Shattuc. It is about 100 miles east of St. Louis and only 300 people live there!

This is Papa. He is my great grandpa and he is 93 years old. We have just finished a delicious lunch!

Here we are standing with Dad and Blake on the big oil pump. The pump operates on a timer which turns it on & off.

Here we are with Dad on the four-wheeler.

This is Papa's backyard. Can you see my friend Murphy?


Audrey rode on the Gator with us to Papa's pond. It is way too cold to swim today!


Back at the house, the guys play some pool in the basement.

Now we are taking a break and warming up next to the fire.

the train tracks are about a half a mile from papas howes (house)
We spent time talking about how there are train tracks marked on the map too. Can you see them?


What a great day at Papa's farm!