Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Pintuer perfect  creatin. It  is elves to make.
Picture perfect creation. It is easy to make. 

the lif closikol/ the life cycle

we made a licf sikl
We made a life cycle.

Stanley's Adventure to Kansas City

Stanley visited Kansas City. We stayed in the city. The most interesting part of our trip was visiting LEGOLAND.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Plans Sickol/Plant Cycle

tise is a videdo of a  plans sickol .we mad it.we word hard .it was fun. it was big. we color it.
This is a video of a plant cycle. We made it. We worked hard. It was fun. It was big. We colored it.

Luke osst/Luke's awesome star

I made a star.

Jacksosumsun/Jack's awesome sun

Jack madasun
Jack made a sun. 

bnantrey tree/Banana tree

tis  is haw a bnantrey grose.
This is how a banana tree grows.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


It is a flower that is yellow.

We are working really hard to dig a hole so the plants can live.

They were trying to get the plants out of the boxes.

We are digging and giving the plants plant food.

We planted a lot of zinnias.

These are the trimmed plants because they weren't connected to the roots.

Someone held the lily.

We have beautiful flowers in our garden now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I mked a ckihck


The Play that We Saw Today

It was the funniest play in the world. It helped us learn about cleaning our teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day. It helps us prevent cavities. The wizard had a sculpture of huge clean teeth. Plaque-man was scared by a giant toothbrush. Plaque-man was scared of teeth that are clean. Plaque-man was scared of brushing his teeth. Plaque-man was scared of mouthwash. Plaque-man was scared of the floss. The wizard thought it was good when the cavities were washed off. Plaque-man was covered in plaque, and he liked the smell of plaque. The wizard didn't like plaque. Plaque-man took plaque from himself and put it on the teeth. The wizard liked clean teeth. Plaque-man liked plaque on his teeth. Plaque-man was funny.  Plaque-man liked sweets. He wanted to make a plaque sandwich. The wizard was good. He liked healthy food. The wizard was funny too. The play was awesome.