Friday, January 15, 2016

corbin's trip to detroit.


We wondered: How long is the bridge to Canada in Detroit?

1.4 miles or 7500 feet

When we were looking for information on the bridge to Canada, we found a video series about how they built the bridge from 1927-1929. We noticed several things...

  • They knocked down houses to build the bridge. They used the parts of houses to build other things.

  • They used foot bridges on the top of the bridge that were held on by ropes.

  • They put two metal things in the ground to hold the bridge up.

  • They pulled the wires up from the bottom of the river to put them over the top.

  • They used giant girders that look like rails to build the bridge.


this is the bridge to Canada.


these are some intens christmas lights.  
there is a smoke stack in the backround.
We spent a lot of time looking at the map of Detroit. We found the bridge to Canada...and we found the tunnel to Canada too.

Then we were curious about the blue space. We knew it was water, but what kind of water was it? Ocean water? So we zoomed out and learned that it was a lake...a really big lake.
We were also curious about the black line through the middle of the picture. As we zoomed out, we figured out that the black line separates the United States from Canada.