Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stanley at Hilton Head Island

Dear Miss Winter,

Stanley went to Hilton Head Island, SC with me and my family. We drove 14 hours to get there. The town of Hilton Head Island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are flat and wide and very fun for everyone. On the beach, we found jellyfish, a huge horseshoe crab, sea gulls, sand dollars, and some shells. We took a boat ride to look for dolphins. We saw several bottle nosed dolphins close up, a sting ray, a blue crab, and oysters. I got to hold a barnacle and a mussel. We ate pickle grass which grows near the ocean. It was salty and I didn't like it.
We stayed with my grandparents at their house. They live on a golf course. My sister and I got to play in the sand pit when the golfers were done.
It is very flat on the island and we rode bikes all around. There are many lagoons which attract wildlife. We saw interesting birds like white egrets, great blue herons, and cormorants. We also saw two huge alligators!
The community right now has a lot of older, retired people like my grandparents. About 38,000 people live there. In the summertime, it is full of families on vacation.
The landscape there is different from here. There are many tropical palm trees, tall pine trees, and huge oak trees with Spanish moss hanging down. It is very pretty there.
We visit every year and can't wait to go back!


P.S. This is the horseshoe crab we found on the beach. It was alive and needed help getting back to the water.