Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Play that We Saw Today

It was the funniest play in the world. It helped us learn about cleaning our teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day. It helps us prevent cavities. The wizard had a sculpture of huge clean teeth. Plaque-man was scared by a giant toothbrush. Plaque-man was scared of teeth that are clean. Plaque-man was scared of brushing his teeth. Plaque-man was scared of mouthwash. Plaque-man was scared of the floss. The wizard thought it was good when the cavities were washed off. Plaque-man was covered in plaque, and he liked the smell of plaque. The wizard didn't like plaque. Plaque-man took plaque from himself and put it on the teeth. The wizard liked clean teeth. Plaque-man liked plaque on his teeth. Plaque-man was funny.  Plaque-man liked sweets. He wanted to make a plaque sandwich. The wizard was good. He liked healthy food. The wizard was funny too. The play was awesome.