Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Flat Stanley Went to Hutchinson, Kansas

We went trick or treating.
We went to the Cosmosphere.
I played with my cousins.

The Cosmosphere is a place where you can see astronaut suits and spaceships. There is a space store there with real suits.

When you walk in, there is a ride but you have to be over 38 inches.

It is a big place and a fun place.

They have some videos about astronauts.

They light  the cotton balls on fire after they take them out of the pot of cold oxygen. They show what it would be like when a rocket ship blasts off.

There is a food place there.

One of the rockets blew up and exploded. Some people died.

My friends noticed the Cosmosphere at the bottom of the picture and the astronaut statue and so they asked so many questions about it that our friend couldn't answer all of them. They learned that Mr. Luehmann (7th/8th grade science teacher) had been to the Cosmosphere with his students, so they called and asked him if he could answer some questions. Mr. Luehmann sent them a couple of books to look over. The class wrote post-it notes full of questions about the pictures and what they were seeing. Our friend was able to answer some of the questions and Mr. Luehmann came down to answer some more. These are our comments about what they learned after talking with our friend and Mr. Luehmann.