Friday, January 4, 2013

Lucy's Flat Stanley Goes to Franklin, Tennessee

Lucy's Flat Stanley has traveled all the way to Franklin, TN to visit her cousins, Walker, Will and Mary Claire.  We have had such fun with him! He's been a very busy little guy!

He traveled about 5 and a half hours to get here. Franklin is 355 miles from St. John. We have a population of 62,000 + residents and are located about 15 miles south of Nashville.  Franklin was founded in 1799 and named after Benjamin Franklin. 

Was he a president a long time ago?

We were voted the one of the best small towns in America and #1 in Tennessee.  One of the bloodiest wars in the Civil War took place here, bringing thousands of historic tourists each year to visit the site of the Battle of Franklin, Carnton Plantation, the Carter House and many other historic locations throughout the City.

Was the Civil War when George Washington was alive? 
George Washington was the first president of the United States. 
Did the army go to the Civil War? 
Who won the Civil War?
 What was the year of the Civil War? 
Who fought in the Civil War? 
What weapons did they use in the Civil War? 
Did the Liberty Bell ring during the Civil War? 
Did they use guns in the Civil War? 
Did they use spears in the Civil War? 

Downtown Franklin is well known for its annual festivals and parades including: The Main Street Festival in Spring; Fourth of July in Summer: PumpkinFest in October: The Veterans Day Parade in November; and Dickens of a Christmas in December. Thousands of tourists visit Franklin each year to attend these festivals and many more throughout the year.
That is a lot!
Visitors enjoy the beautiful 15 block historic district that offers true southern hospitality. The uniquely elegant shops downtown offer a variety of restaurants, clothing, gifts and galleries.

Thank you for sharing Flat Stanley with us and giving us the opportunity to share with the class our wonderful small town.  Please give our sweet Lucy a big hug from the Pike Family!!

Andrew, Denise, Walker, Will and Mary Claire Pike

Franklin, TN

 Will and Mary Claire in front of the Christmas tree.
 at the farm with the chickens

on a ride with Lucy's grandmother, cousin and brother,